Bread and Roll Operator

Job Responsibilities
The primary purpose for the Bread Production Operator is to insure that quality breads and rolls are produced according to written specifications and batch records, utilizing the correct ingredients when mixing dough, and mixing and forming the dough into an assortment of loaves and rolls . Operates the equipment according to provided schedules, process specifications, and operation standards in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Additional responsibilities of the Bread Production Operator include:
Mixes doughs, using the correct recipes, ingredients, and batch records while insuring that the proper amounts of ingredients are being mixed in the proper manner. Completes all documentation in relationship to the mixing operation and insures that all ingredients, equipment, and supplies are available well before they are needed to maintain operational flow.
The operator, following line operation procedures, insures that the line specifications are set in accordance with process standards through set up and constant monitoring of the operational settings and by monitoring product characteristics throughout each run. Troubleshoots and solves problems as it relates to equipment performance, insuring product quality and machinery effectiveness as well as product yield and output.
The operator insures that his/her equipment is consistently maintained by working with the supervisor and the maintenance department as well as with the sanitation team to insure that the machine meets all sanitation requirements, is in proper running condition, and that the machine is down for minimal amounts of time - either on start-ups or unscheduled shutdowns
Insures that all employees working on the production line fully understand product requirements, performance standards and are working in a safe manner. The production operator is constantly aware of team member's performance and insures that they are following Diana's Bakery GMP's.
The line operator measures and weighs product thereby assuring that the product meets product specifications. He/She records all product characteristics as required and takes action when product is out of specification. The operator is responsible for completing all production reporting requirements.
The line operator is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment by keeping the work area neat, clean, and tidy, as well as seeking appropriate help when an unsafe situation has been identified by himself or another employee. The operator inspects equipment on a daily basis to insure that it is in safe running condition.

Job Requirements
Successful candidates for the Bread Operator should have the flexible availability for working early morning hours, including some weekends and holidays. Someone who is able to lift up to 60 lbs. and able to work in areas that contain allergens (wheat, soy, and eggs) would be a good fit for this Operator's position. Experienced as a Bread Baker is preferred.

Don't Be Fooled

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